China Travel To Kashgar Abakh Hoja Mosque

Abakh Hoja Mosque is found in the northeast suburb of Kashgar in Haohan Village, 5 kilometers definately not downtown. It is a family tomb of Abakh Hoja, a frontrunner of Islam branch who has been revered like a prophet in support of second to Mohammed. The ancient tomb integrated 1640 covers 30 mu in area and is also of typical Islamic architectural style.

Abakh Hoja Mosque resembles a lovely palace and composes of gate tower, big and lesser worship halls, doctrine-teaching hall, an orchard and also the main tomb chamber. Atop the mosque sets an exquisitely-carved turret, around the tops which stands a gilded new moon, glittering and solemn. In the capacious hall from the mosque set hip-high stages and they’re the 58 tombs of 72 members owned by 5 generations of Xiangfei Family. The tomb of Xiang Fei is situated in the northeast corner and her name is printed in Uighur and Chinese in front from the tomb.

The tomb was made with green glass block, for the top of which can be covered with an incredible clothes with some other patterns. Beside the tomb stand two delicate worshipping halls.  Xiangfei would be the favored concubine of Qianlong Emperor, who’s elegant and delightful. Her body mythically provides fragrance without resorting to any perfume since born, hence the name Iparhan (fragrant girl in uighur) was presented with. She was well-liked by Qianlong Emperor in Qing Dynasty and entitled Xiang Fei (Fragrant Concubine in Chinese).

In her 28 years while using emperor Qianglong in Beijing, she still followed Islamic doctrines strictly, wearing ethnic costumes and serving the Islamic food. After she died, Qianglong Emperor loved her a lot which he sent her coffin of Xiang Fei to her hometown-Turpan as she wished. 124 people lift the coffin and spent provided that 3 year to delivered to Turpan. According to archeological findings, the authentic tomb of Xiang Fei is incorporated in the East Qing Tomb near Beijing. Abakh Hoja Mosque is only the tomb containing China tours personal effects from the deceased. 

Some travel tips exists. Admission ticket for Abakh Hoja Mosque is 30 Yuan per per person and it’s also open for public from 09:00 to 17:00 everyday. It is located at Haohan Village, Eastern Suburb of Kashgar, Xinjiang, China. You could also consult the sightseeing spot office for a lot of more information. Travelers could take riding on the bus No. 20 to arrive at the scenic spot and tt costs about 15 Yuan to acquire Yangtze River cruises there by taxi.